Seva Sadhana

A Healthy, Happy, Holy Lifestyle Immersion Program

                          Seva – Selfless Serve
                                                          Sadhana – Daily Practice, Discipline

The Seva Sadhana Program offers a healthy, happy, holy experience in an immersive environment. Participants live together in spiritual community; rise in the early morning hours to practice Kundalini Yoga; and serve the land and community here in the home of Yogi Bhajan, Espanola, New Mexico.

The program features a 40-day transformational experience which leads participants through a process of self-initiation and transformation into deeper experiential understanding of the teachings and of themselves, providing practical tools and a solid foundation to live as lighthouses for their communities and the world.

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Check Out Our Newest Sevadar Testimonial:

Newest Testimonial by Rosi from Germany:

“The Seva Sadhana Program was a huge blessing for me and my life, I hardly can express my gratefulness to everyone making it possible. The first time I came in December 2017 . I was amazed how easy it was in the surrounding of the Ashram to get familiar with a rhythm that allowed me to get into Sadhana so easily. Doing Sadhana everyday gave me the chance to see some not expected processes coming up and deal with them. I am so grateful for this healing process I could go through.

Working together with the other sevadars – no matter if in the kitchen or in the garden – always was fun and a possibility to exchange our experiences. The people attracted to this program are wonderful – thank you all!

My visa expired after two weeks and I was sad to leave Espanola…but I came right back in May to complete my experience – for now…

The sevasadhana program will certainly see me again one day😊

Thank you so much Ram Krishan Singh and Ram Krishan Kaur for filling this program with so much life and love  ” -Rosi